Transcription Software: How AI Supports Small Business?

Transcription Software: How AI Supports Small Business?

August 2, 2022 Off By Business Start

Today, technology’s profound growth and development have significantly affected how businesses function worldwide. With the successful implementation of technology, business operations have become much faster and more efficient than ever.   

Today, you can see the impact of technology in diverse arenas, from the mystery room Bangalore to even in small businesses. Significant and impactful is the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI. From companies using the smart live chatbots to enhance their customer services to offering analytical and logistical solutions, AI can have diverse usage in the field of business.  

In this article, we will look at how AI transcription software has revolutionised small businesses’ functions today. So, let us begin!   

What is AI Transcription Software? 

First things first, let us understand what AI transcription software is. Just like your jpg to pdf converter, AI transcription software converts human speech into text using Artificial Intelligence. Once you start using AI transcription software, you can say goodbye to your earlier habit of taking down notes!  

You can now tune into video or audio files, allowing the AI transcription software to convert them into text seamlessly. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) helps in transcribing your audio or video files efficiently into texts.  

Now that you have a general overview of AI transcription software let us take a deep look at how it has facilitated various small businesses.   

How does AI support Small Businesses? 

While there are various ways in which AI supports the growth and development of small businesses, let us take a look at some vital ones: 

1.    Enhances the performance of your SEO   

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the trickiest areas businesses often struggle with during the online promotion and delivery of services. Startups and small businesses rely on the useful implementation of their SEO strategies to boost their sales and gain greater authority in the markets. Given the big budgets that the big firms can afford to spend on uplifting their marketing strategies, there is no doubt why small businesses struggle the most here.  

Often search engines face trouble in reading the video or audio files that may be present on your website, and this may affect your SEO tactics. Therefore, you can now use AI transcription software to convert those files into texts! Once you do it, search engines can reference or show those files on their search results, boosting your online authority!  

Even when businesses work on outsourcing their promotional aspects, transcriptions are often left behind. Under such circumstances, your business can greatly benefit from using AI transcription software to add captions to your video or audio files.   

2.    Efficient online meetings 

Hosting meetings are essential for businesses of every kind to check up on the work done by their employees and point out the areas that need attention. Resolving disputes, discussing effective work methods, and presenting results are vital to your business meetings.  

Now, with the help of AI transcription software, you can easily uplift the efficiency of your online business meetings like never before. You can use the AI-enabled transcription tools to convert your audio recordings of online sessions hosted on Zoom or any other platform into text messages.  

In contrast to any other form of transcription program, the AI transcription software works efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. You can even let the program handle large audio files and sit back as the software does its work!  

3.    Boost the efficiency of your overall business 

Big businesses have large sums of money and sufficient resources to fall back on and satisfy their needs. While small companies got left behind earlier, the emergence of AI transcription software has sought to bridge the efficiency gap between big and small businesses.  

It is common to find workers in small businesses to work in different jobs alone. Even small companies often face a deficit in their cash registers or fail to make enough money to run their business effectively. But, with the introduction of AI systems and even machine learning, you now have machines taking up your earlier manual labour.  

AI has allowed for automation in small businesses, thereby making business operations run more seamlessly and with a high degree of accuracy than before. Using it, you can now complete all the lengthy and tiresome tasks that took much time to accomplish using manual labour in a matter of seconds! 

Hence, it allows your workers to focus on other more high-level tasks and channel their potential to accomplish them proficiently.   

4.    Enhancing your customer services    

AI transcription software can also help small businesses offer customers an enhanced form of customer service and satisfy their needs. Using AI transcription software, you can now easily convert all those excessively lengthy audio files that your customers might have sent into texts. It will make it easy for your customer service providers to quickly glance through the text and try to solve their problems.  

Given that your customer service executives can now transcribe their conversations for reference, you can resolve customers’ issues much faster than before. Therefore, using AI transcription software, you can make your customer services far more effective than ever before.  

These are some of the many ways that AI transcription software has proven beneficial for your small business to thrive and flourish. Hence, go ahead and start implementing AI transcription software in your business today!